Cause I know if you’d kiss me

I would kiss you back

and I know I couldn’t help it

but feel it in my veins

passion in my blood and 

love through my brain

and also the pain.

But I know I wouldn’t tell you,

God I hate you so much.

Why does this has to happen?

Cause right now I fucking need you so much.

And I don’t want this, I didn’t asked for it

and I don’t want us cause we dont even fit.

But I like to hurt myself.

God I hate you.

but I fucking want you,

So I start to hate myself.

I want to kill you,

but kill me first.

Just kiss me once then never again.

Cause I need this pain.

No, I don’t need this pain,

but I want this pain.

You’re too bad for me

and I’m no good for you,

but I don’t want the good,

right now I just need you.



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