Madness inside my head

You put me down, forgot to say
I had to figure out my way.
And then your mouth forgot to speak,
And then my mind forgot to sleep…

I was in love, i never knew
You were ok but never true,
I needed you, you went away
My soul had broke, mistakes I made.

You never know what you can lose
Until it’s gone, with no excuse
It’s really gone, doesn’t come back
And all that’s left it’s an old track.

You live in peace,
But you still miss…
Again, you never love, you never kiss
And then you realise…you forgot all these
Things that you hide deep inside your heart,
But darling your pain could be art.

Harm yourself, find something that kills
Maybe you can drown your demons in pills
Oh wait, they know how to swim
And there’s no one to fight them so you scratch your skin.

All these voices, they seem like they dont stop
But they’re all you’ve got,
Even if it’s bad enough
Even if they’re telling you that YOU are not enough.

I just have to admit, I hate myself
I wonder…do I still have a “self”?
There’s a scar inside me, and I will never forget
The thoughts, the feelings, the pain i still get.

It’s hard to compete
When you can’t stand on your feet
It’s hard to be this way
It’s hard to find what to say.
And I can’t be saved,
Oh, I’m all ok
But I’m not alive…there’s madness inside my head.


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